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If you have been in a car accident and suffered an auto accident injury, it is vital that you see one of our car accident doctors as soon as possible for a number of reasons: not only can temporary pain become chronic if undiagnosed, but you may need to seek treatment, car accident rehab, and legal counsel in a certain amount of time before you lose your benefits and coverage.

In many cases, you have a short window of 2 weeks to seek treatment and make a claim under an Auto Personal Injury Policy (PIP), or you forfeit your benefits and medical coverage. You will get the maximum benefits and coverage allowed under your policy if emergency injuries are diagnosed and claimed right away, and your legal counsel may need to be given notice as soon as possible to properly seek benefits and damages that you deserve.

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Why Is It Important To Check For Head Injury After An Auto Accident Injury?

Most importantly, there are the physical consequences of not seeking treatment immediately. Your head, neck and back are especially vulnerable in an auto accident, and your neck and back are especially prone to chronic pain if left alone. If you have suffered an acute injury, pain management and physical therapy are not enough – fractured or broken vertebrae; torn, ripped, or bruised muscles from whiplash; head injuries and concussions; and other injuries can have lasting physical and neurological consequences. If resulting injuries are not remedied after your accident, temporary pain can become permanent and chronic. This is why seeing a car accident injury doctor is so crucial – we can diagnose your problem, diagnose serious injuries that may otherwise go undiagnosed, recommend the best complete course of treatment, and treat both the cause and the effect of your car accident, rather than only treating the symptoms. And, you can rest assured that we will use any and all of our pain relief treatment methods to relieve your pain however and wherever possible, with some of the best pain management specialists in Pensacola, FL.

The Importance of Immediate Treatment of Whiplash & Head Injury

Your neck contains 7 cervical vertebrae. When you are in a rear-end collision, your neck experiences an incredible amount of force from behind, which wrenches it backward and forward very quickly. The resulting injuries can include:
  • Tears in neck muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • Pinched nerve(s)
  • Pain or numbness in shoulders, arms, or hands
It is extremely important to seek treatment immediately after a whiplash injury from a car accident doctor at Northwest Florida Physicians Group. 15% of whiplash injuries result in chronic pain that could have been prevented if properly diagnosed and treated soon after the injury, rather than allowed to heal incorrectly weeks or months afterwards. Depending on the severity of the whiplash and the areas of your neck affected, your neck may need to be stabilized and immobilized with a neck brace, you may need medication, physical therapy, stretches and exercises, car accident rehab, and/or possibly surgery in the worst cases.
Let Northwest Florida Physicians Group Ease Your Pain With Pain Injections

Auto accidents can be devastating. You may not know where to start, what type of treatment to seek, what benefits to claim, etc. You may be in excruciating pain from your auto accident injury. Let our auto accident doctors give you the complete treatment you need: from diagnosing your injury, to proper treatment for it, to all of our available tools for treating your pain and making you much more comfortable. We offer a wide range of pain treatment methods in Pensacola, FL from traditional car accident rehab, such as physical therapy and pain management; to alternative, such as our nationally acclaimed alternative pain management treatment. Come get the complete care you deserve. Contact Northwest Florida Physicians Group today.

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