Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy After A Car Accident Injury

At Northwest Physicians Group, we know that physical therapy is one of the most important treatments you can receive after a car accident. That’s why we offer our physical therapists in-house and on the same day as your initial visit. Instead of having our patients go back and forth between doctors and offices, everyone on our staff is on the same page.

 Our physical therapy services work to relieve pain from a car accident injury that may have affected your musculoskeletal, neurological and/or cardiac systems. Instead of treating your pain with narcotics, we focus on using the body to improve your range of motion, strength and balance.  

physical therapy Pensacola, FL
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Why Physical Therapy?

Before you ignore your symptoms and pain, consider physical therapy and work to regain your body’s original function. Car accidents can have devastating effects on your back and neck. Ignoring the pain and difficulties caused by an accident can lead to more severe and permanent pain. That’s why our dedicated staff of physical therapists are available for treatment immediately following your injury. 
We’ll help you set goals and work with you until you achieve the strength you need to feel your best again. We know that your body and injury is unique; making our treatment methods follow suit. Call us today at 850-696-0395 to schedule your appointment! 

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